Grade 2 Mini-beasts

Grade 2 are going to make a piece of public art for the school as their first form and construction unit of the year. We looked at examples of Public art and the kids tried to decide what kind of art we could make for our school environment. They liked the idea of using animals and wanted to create an animal that they would find in the school playground. We went to have a look at the playground and see what kinds of animals we found there. They agreed that there weren’t too many animals on the playground area, but what they did find where insects and mini – beasts. They thought that if we could have more animals on the playground that mini -beasts would be the happiest there!

The children then worked on making sketches of different mini-beats. They focused on the shapes of the animals and tried to draw them from different angles to help them to understand the 3D shapes that they will try to form.

The observational drawings showed that the kids had looked very carefully at the sample mini-beasts and books and paid close attention to the shapes of the body parts.

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