Objects and Meaning

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Grade 3 embarked on a unit about Still Life with a look back at the history of artists drawing stuff. Some questions they asked were: Why do people draw stuff? What do they draw? Why do they draw fruit?! By looking back at the history of still life we found that what people chose to draw often told us something about the time in which it was created. The food they chose, the style of painting, the political or philosophical beliefsĀ  of the time. We talked about what kinds of thing we would put in a still life to show something about the kinds of lives we lead or what kind of people we were. But before we draw these things we had to work out what skills we would need to be able to do a good job. We drew some random stuff to work out what we might need to learn. Over the next few weeks the children have made a list of things they think they want to learn. For example – How can we make things look 3D? How can we make the shapes and sizes right? How can we make things look realistic? How can we draw difficult shapes?

If the children come home and talk to you about what they would like to bring into school please encourage them to bring things that mean something to them but are not too precious or breakable. But don’t worry I will write you an email when they are ready to bring things into class.


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