Myths and Monsters



Grade 3 started a new unit this week and demonstrated a huge knowledge of myths and legends, either from an interest in Greek and Roman Myths, experience of Percy Jackson or a host of animated tales that use myths and legends in some way as part of their story lines. After sharing their knowledge they set to work to invent their own monsters. They had to think about what the story behind the monster would be; where it lived, what it ate, what special powers it might have and if it was a good or bad monster. The stories they came up with were fascinating and showed huge creativity – I can’t wait to see them built! Over the next few weeks we will be using different techniques to make our monsters come to life – let’s hope they don’t bite!



Paper Mache Monster website

is a great website from the guy who makes the monster in the clips above – check it out for ideas and tips and instructional videos that are not so fast!!!!

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