Contour lines

A huge part of drawing is creating lines. When we draw from observation it is very important to draw the lines exactly as we see them but our brain sometimes tries to put in details we know are there but we actually cannot see; like drawing the outline of nose as a kind of triangle shape. We did some exercises to train the brain to look carefully at the lines we wanted to draw. We did this with a series of contour drawings, single line drawings where you have to keep your pen on the page in one continuous line.

First we drew without looking. Drawing objects with looking at them to really think about what we can feel. Then we drew by looking at the object – carefully following a line but not looking at what we were drawing. The third time we could look at the object and our pages and then we found that we made really excellent lines because we were really observing the lines of the object.

Finally, we drew each other without looking at the page – this was really tricky and the results looked really funny, but very cool too.

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We also played a looking game! We had to pass a coin from person to person and one student had to look closely to see if they could find the coin. It was really hard because we were tricking each other by pretending to pass the coin!


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