ES Art Creations Exhibition 2013

Thank you to everyone for coming to the ES Art Exhibtion this week. The children were so excited to have been able to share their learning with you. I really love to see the children in the exhibition talking about the work they have done during the year and also enjoying the work of other artists in the elementary school. The opening on Monday was a buzz of excitement with teachers, parents and students all sharing in the experience. Student Council were there as tour guides to the work of each grade level and did an excellent job of explaining the work and the process they went through to create it.

Thanks for your feedback on the exhibition, which is always much appreciated. One point that came up was that children felt disapointed if their work was not shown. It is so hard to include some work by every single child, simply due to the lack of space. We always endevour to make the exhibition a showcase of the curricullum and the varied talents of the students. It is by no means, and is never intended to be, a talent show and so we try to incude work done by as much of a variety of students as possible.

Sadly, the exhibition will come down on Monday, but feedback can still be sent via email or blog posts or via the Star Wall, which will be outside the ES office.



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