Art with Kids from Child Hope

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Child Hope is an organisation who work to educate and support children who live on the streets in Manila. The children they support come from two main areas of Manila; Divasoria and San Miguel. Child Hope volunteers take time to educate the children about what their rights are as children, how to protect themselves and where they can find help if they need it. About 4 times a year the children come to school to experience a fun day out. They go to the ES gym and play ball, they watch movies, they play games, they play on the playground and they do art. The children really enjoy the art activities as they do not have access to paper and pencils everyday like we do. They love to draw pictures, write letters to each other and make paper airplanes! I know we often talk about how lucky we are to have such amazing resources as we have at ISM but when I see these kids each year making joy out of simple things like paper, paint and pencils it really brings home to me how privileged be are.

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