Mini Miro

The last abstract artist we looked at in grade 2 was Joan Miro. Miro was interested in the idea of automatic drawing and liked to draw his shapes without thinking about what he was drawing. He believed that everything we see is made up of shapes and so when you look at his images you cannot help but make them into things. We thought they looked like people, pets, aliens and alien pets! What do you think?


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Mini Matisse

This week Grade 2 have been continuing their investigation into abstract art by focusing on shape. We studies the work of Henri Matisse and discussed how he uses the element of shape and color in his decoupage artworks.  

Can you see how Matisse goes through the creative process in this short Video? He is thinking carefully about his choices of shape, colors and arrangement  as he goes along. Grade 2 students were trying to do the same when they became Mini Matisse.


Here are some of our finished master peices.

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Jackson Pollock

Grade 2 continue to experiment with the elements of line and colour. This week they looked at the techniques of the artist Jackson Pollock. Can he control his lines?


The children really enjoyed watching Jackson Pollock work and made some great observations:

” It is like he is dancing” Johanna

“He never even touches the page” Maya

“He uses his whole body to paint” Ivan

“He smokes too much!” Sirpi

It took the janitors a lot of time to clean up after these lessons, but the lines in the art showed some excellent movement.

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Ink Blowing

Grade 2 have been finding out about line, shape and colour in abstract art. In this lesson we used ink to try and make lines. Sounds easy right? How can it be hard to control a line in order to make a shape?

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