Grade 3 Paper Animations

It has been a while since there was news about Grade 3 Art. This is becuase we have been working on animation. What have we learn about animation? it takes a LONG time. The children created a story and used large papers they had made when mixing colours as the colours for collages. The collages formed the story. Then they used an Ipad app to make the images move and tell a short story. The students learned that they have to go slowly to get really good results and they have to keep watching what they had filmed to make sure the images moved smoothly and fit to the story they had written. This is the first time we have tried such a project with grade 3. It was really quite complex but they learn a lot during the and became accomplished by the end. The animations are now being used in the music room where the students will add music; soundtracks or songs, before a final edit. You will be able to watch the kids work at the ES Art Exhibition at the end of March.