Grade 1 Landscapes

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Grade one have been looking at landscapes over the last few weeks. They have discovered that when things are far away on a landscape they are small and when they are close they are big. We also looked carefully at shapes on a landscape and spent time observing 3D shapes in the city around the school. The drawings and paintings the grade 1 kids have made of cityscapes demostrate their understanding of perspective and 3D shape and form.


Grade 1 Mission 2

Mission 2: Make a structure that is art.

Children explored a number of structures made by artists and we understand these under the name sculptures. We discussed how artist use the elements of art to create their work. The elements of art are colour, shape, form, line, texture and space.

Grade 1 concentrated on the elements of line, shape, colour and texture to create their own sculptures. They are currently on display in the CMC so please take a look. Here you can see the artists at work.

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Grade 1 Part and Connections

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Now we are really understanding what a structure is we deicided we needed to work out how they are put together. Children investigated a number of structures including webs, tunnels, bridges, weaving and chains. They were worting out how the parts connected to make a whole. They wee also answering the question; how do I know this is a structure?

The Mission Continues

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In order to complete our mission – Make a structure that is as tall as Ms Hartley – we first had to investigate two key questions: What is a structure? and How are structures made?

We explored blocks, straws, collage, shapes and lines to figure out the answers to these important questions and made some notes to help us with our mission next lesson.


Mission (Im)possible 1

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Grade one students have a mission. They must be able to build a structure that is as tall as Ms Hartley and that can stand on it’s own. But what is a structure? And how are structures made? The students explored images of different structures to give them inspiration and worked in partnerships to begin work on their first grade one mission. Watch this space to see if they complete their first assignment and to find out about mission 2!


Grade One Portraits

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Grade 1 student got off to a creative start this year with some colourful mixed media portraits. We had to investigate what mixed media meant and using tissure paper, markers and watercolours all mixed up gave us some clues.

We are all excited about a creatve and expressive year in art class.