Funny face

Now we’ve got the size and shape of the bodies right we need some faces.  Here is a website to remind you how to do it if you want some extra practise at home

We had fun trying to draw each other in class and we even tried to develop drawing some facial expressions. We got so good at following the rules of drawing faces we felt we could do it with our eyes closed. We also felt confident enough to break some of the rules – with a little help from Picasso…..

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Grade 4 Are you the right size?

 How big is the giant who left  this footrprint? 

If the giant was the same proportion as a human only much, much bigger, how could we use what we know about our own body to work out how big the giant is?

This was one of the questions forth graders had to answer this week in art as they explored the proportions of their bodies to help them to make better drawings of humans.

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After learning the proportions of their own bodies, grade 4 students had to think about the shapes made by the different parts of the body. They made sausage men to help them think about the way our joints affect the shapes of people when we draw them.

After looking at some artists representations of relationships the students made their own freeze frame role plays of relationship senarios, they photographed the freeze frame and then used some artistic technical skills to draw the people in proportion. You can also see the role plays and the grade 4s at work on their drawings in the photos above.

What can you tell about the releationships between the people in the photos below? How do you know?