Grade 4 have had a blast making their animation films and many of them have already started on another production. There were a huge variety of themes and ideas and it really showed off the creativity of our grade 4 students. The animations were a highlight for many in our ES at exhibition and were easy for all ages to enjoy. I cannot put them all on the Blog but you can look the titles up on youtube by typing in ruminsih  into a youtube search to watch the others.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Stop Motion Animation

Grade 4 have been having a wild time creating stop animation films over the past few weeks. They have been inspired by some great movies we have watched on Youtube.  They make it look so easy…..

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

It takes a LOT of time and LOT of pateince! Grade 4 students have shown how they can organise themselves and work well as a team to produce some amazing, magical movies. You will have to wait till the premier at the International Day Art Exhibition to see them though…….