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In connection with ongoing inquiry work in the homeroom about expression and communication through stories, grade two students had a visit from the shadow puppet group Anino. Don and Sig spent two session with each grade 2 class and showed the children how to create and manipulate shadow puppets. The children then used the puppets to create stories which they performed in class.

Now they understand how shadow puppetery works they have a lot of ideas about ways they can use this skill in the furture. Not only to tell stories, but to tell audiences about any subject. Perhaps you could make a shadow puppet show of your own at home. Your 2nd grader can show you how – all you need is some carboard, some scissors and a light.

Tinga Tinga

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Tinga Tinga Painting is a style of painting that originates in Tanzania, East Africa and is still produced my many east African artists today. This style of painting is not only colorful, but grade 2 observed that the colours are like abstract colours. They are not the colours you would expect to see, like red giraffes and colorful turtles.  WE had a lot of fun making our own Tinga Tinga pictures using what we had learnt about drawing. We concentrated on breaking down the shapes and then joining them together. Tinga Tinga animals are long and thin and often have very big eyes.

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We watched some of these stories to give us ideas too – we liked the stories

Grade 2 Drawing

Grade 2 were working hard to improve their drawing skills in March. They decided that one thing they all like to draw is animals, but some animals are so hard to get right. We looked at how some children’s book illustrators drew animals and we decided that animal drawings don’t have to be perfect to look good they just have to be the right shapes.

By looking carefully at the animals we wanted to get better at we could break them down into composite shapes. This made them much easier to draw. All grade 2 agreed they had got better at drawing animals and would now always concentrate on shapes when trying to draw difficult objects in the future rather than trying to draw the whole thing in one go!

We had so many great animals we created a few habitats….

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