Mini-beast Sculptures

After a lot of hard work, patient problem solving and determination, grade 2 finally finsihed creating their minibeast sculptures. They have to be seem to be appreciated and I hope you will look out for them living in a suitable habitat around the school in the next few weeks. Here is a little taster. [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]

Creating Public Art

Grade 2 classes have been extremely busy using 2D materials like newspaper and tape to create their 3D sculptures of mini beasts. Our objectives have been to create good shapes by continuing to look carefully at the real mini beasts and our drawings of them and also to make our mini beast structures strong. The tricky part has been making the animals stand. FromĀ  our observations we found that animals like spiders and ants and butterflys all have very thin legs. However they need to support the body. The legs needed to be carefully connected to the body parts and we found that wire was a good material to help give the legs strength. The wire also gave a better shape to the legs which is important because these mini-beast legs also have knees – sometimes more than one! Apparently it helps them to play football!

The form and construction is a challenge, but the children have been enjoying helping each other to solve problems – this is really helping them to be self directed.

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