Mini-beast Sculptures

After a lot of hard work, patient problem solving and determination, grade 2 finally finsihed creating their minibeast sculptures. They have to be seem to be appreciated and I hope you will look out for them living in a suitable habitat around the school in the next few weeks. Here is a little taster. [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]

Form and construction

Grade 2 have been working really hard over the last few weeks building their mini-beasts. Like professional sculptors they first made a small model based on their observational drawings of mini beasts. Making a model helped them to work out how they would make their large sculpture and to highlight any problems or difficult parts they might encounter when building giant mini-beast. Some tricky areas included how to attach legs to the body, what the best materials would be to build wings, how we can make them strong  how we will make them stand.

The children then had to then build their mini-beasts using scrunched up paper and masking tape. Working together made the work easy as one person could hold the structure whilst the other wrapped the masking tape around to make a strong shape. Using newspaper made sure the bodies weren’t too heavy and then it would be easier for the mini beasts to stand. We used wire to make the legs and then carefully wrapped the whole structure with Mod Rock. Mod Rock is like plaster of Paris and when it dries it is strong and hard and can easily be painted.

The children then went back to their research and looked carefully at the colours of their mini beasts before they painted them.

Finally, the children spent time with reference books and the Internet to find the best habitats for their mini beasts to live. If you keep your eyes out around school after our October break you might well see some of the fabulous grade 2 mini beasts living in their perfect habitats.

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Grade 2 minibeasts

Grade 2 looked at some public art this week and dicussed why artists put different sculptures in different places, how those sculpture made us feel and how they changed the places where they stood. They decided to make some sculptures for our school playground and that we could scare the other children my creating some big bugs! The children made some amazing observations and created some fantastic drawings of all kinds of minibeasts. This will help them to think about body shapes, the number of body parts, the colour and texture of the minibeasts before they begin to build thier own.

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At home you could try and find some minibeasts in the garden or park, try drawing what you see. Think carefully about colour, texture, number of body parts and shapes.  Have a look in books and on the internet, what kinds of minibeasts do you think would like to live on our playground and why?