Grade 2 classroom colaboration projects

All the works are now in the homeroom classrooms and they look great. I hope you will look out for them when you visit for parent teacher conferences. The kids worked really hard together and demonstrated that as artists they could be self directed, ethical, responsible and respectful whilst working as a team to create an amazing piece of art.

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2 Duprat’s Shooting stars

Miss Duprat’s class are excited about being in grade 2 and they love being part of the shooting stars, it is what brings them together as a group. They decided to create some stars to hang around the homeroom classroom. They all had very different ideas of how to make their stars and they found ways to demonstrate their uniqueness. The stars are certainly shining examples of the creative powers of the class.

Photos to follow

2 Riviello’s Garden

Ms Riviello’s class were inspired by a game they love to play called Plant’s v’s Zombies. They love the game because of the characters and that there are so many different types of plants and zombies. Some of the kids had not played the game but they were happy to create other things that we might find in the garden. We have flowers and a pond and some trees and just to make it more fun, some pea shooters and some zombies! The kids had to use a lot of problem solving skills to work out how to make what they wanted and they were very good at helping each other with both hands and ideas.

Photos to follow…..

2 Powers, things that fly

For their collaborative project Miss Powers class decided to create things that fly! They chose the idea because they thought if would be cool to have things flying from the ceiling of their classroom. All the children had different ieas of what they wanted to make: planes, hot air balloons, spaceships and birds – if it can fly then they wanted to create it. They used recycled materials and tonnes of creativity. It has been a great way to get to know the kids in Miss powers class and I can tell we are going to have a lot of fun making art art this year, beacuse the kids are full of ideas and a determination to make their work the best they can.

Images to follow

Firey Phoenixes

Mr Rea’s class decided they wanted to create a piece of art that reflected their class name. They think the class name shows that they are strong and brave and a bit scary!

They made some thoughtful choices when planning what each phoenix would look like…..

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Grade 2 Collaborative project

For the first project of the year we decided to let the children decide what they wanted to do. This isn’t unusual in itself as we always try to encourage the kids to come up with their own ways to express themselves. What is different about this project is that the children must choose an artwork they can all work on together and then this project will be exhibited in their homeroom classroom. The grade 2 kids must consider the space they can use in the classroom and how best they can express what kind of people they are through the work they create. They must use their team working skills and problem solving skills for this project. It has been quite challenging and a bit chaotic – but we are having fun and creating some amazing artwork.