Welcome to IB Film!

It is going to be an an amazing two year journey and I am very excited to be in on it with you.

Here are some resources to get you started and I will post the general information and resources here in the future.

First Day Information Letter

Student Glossary Semester 1

1st Day Activity:

In pairs you will be asked to create a 1 minute Film.

2. The subject matter of the film will be in the form of a single word picked

from a hat

3. You will plan, film, edit and add a suitable soundtrack.

4. You will have just 3 lessons to complete the film. You will not be required

to do any homework

5. It will not be graded, but  you will have to complete a self assessment on your learning habits ( See Rubric) and your film will be shown to the rest of the class . You

will be asked to complete a very short reflection and evaluation. You will

also start to fill in an individual skills checklist that will help you and the

teacher monitor your current level of skills and keep track of how these

develop during the course.

(Please don’t worry if you have no previous

experience of film making, but be aware that some students have already

completed the Film Intro course. They will be able to help you)

6. The film and your evaluation should be embedded in your google site

Here is an example: