Genre Study


In your group you will create a lesson of about 10 minutes for your class about your selected Genre of film. You will first do some in depth research about your Genre.

As well as books from the class room and the library here are some online references to help you:

ISM Film Custom Search

The FIlm Site

Strictly Film School

The Guardian

The Criterion Collection

Senses of Cinema


To see a detailed outline of assessments for this unit including assessment rubrics click here


Choose one of the clips below from the genres we have learned about in class. You will complete a formal analysis of the clip using the criteria which can be found here.


Raging Bull (Martin Scorsese. 1980)


Rocky ( John G. Avlisden. 1976)


Million Dollar Baby (Clint Eastwood. 2014)

[youtube][/youtube]The Big Sleep

(Howard Hawks. 1946)


Chinatown ( Roman Polanski. 1974)