IB Snap Shot ‘Juno’







Juno Lesson Slides – Analysis – Expectations, Form, Narrative Structure and Meaning.

Blake Snyder Story types

Feminist Analysis: What is Feminist Theory?

Read this Interview with Ellen Page

Consider what you think the film is saying about women in this film. Share ideas with your group, use specific examples from the film. Read these articles which react to Juno

Feminist Spectator

Mens Movie Guide

Eagle Forum

  • How does the approach of each of the authors differ? Provide supporting evidence.
  • What relationship do each of the articles have to a feminist film perspective?
  • If you had to chose one review to support which would it be? Why? Why would you reject them others? Give specific examples from the text.

In class you will research some key issues and contributors to Feminist Film Theory. Here are some resources to help you:

Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (Laura Mulvey 1975)  –  One of the most widely cited and anthologised (though certainly not one of the most accessible) articles in the whole of contemporary film theory.

Notes on the Gaze – Daniel Chandler’s Summary of Gaze Theory

Filmic Examples of Feminist Film Theory. 

Molly Haskel on Representation

Post Mulvey – Sofia Ford Coppola Marie Antoinette.

Under Representation of Women in Movies 


Writing about Film

In order to write your Feminism in Film and your Oral Presentation you will need to research your chosen film. Here are some links to places you may find information.

DVD ‘Extras’ ie – directors commentary

Production Company Website


IMBD External  Reviews section

Film Education Study Guide

International Movie Script Database

Newspaper Articles

Do not forget to cite your Sources using MLA Format.

Film Production

In groups of three you will create a film with the theme of of waiting.