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Exercise One
a) Individually write down the following details about the best film you watched this summer. If you can, make a note of:
the director,
genre/type of film
Why did you particularly enjoy it and why would you recommend it to others in the class?
b) Discuss your ideas with the two other people. Find a Youtube trailer for the film.
c) Present your ideas to the rest of the class.( You can do this in pairs if you share the same film recommendation)

Exercise 2
Make a very short (1 minute) film about yourself. Use a Vado camera, phone or Photo Booth on Mac. Things to include:
Your name
Country of origin or culture you most identify with
Films you have enjoyed watching and why
What you are looking forward to on the Intro course and what, if anything, you are nervous about.

Upload the video to the server and export to youtube – make sure the video is ‘unlisted’
Embed the video in your Film Intro Googlesite
Send the site link by email to